The Knockout Room® is an online health platform that provides tween girls and their moms with the tools and resources to establish healthy habits with respect to food and exercise, a strong sense of self, and a healthy body image. To learn more about our company, please visit our About Us page.

Our Signature Program

The Knockout Protocol: Raising Your Superhero Tween to Look and Feel Her Best is our signature program that sets the foundation for all our superheroes eager to learn the fundamentals about food and exercise to make smart choices that lead to sustainable results.

Which Format Should You Choose?

This program is offered in two formats:

  • group health coaching workshops (“Superhero Training”); and
  • private 1:1 health coaching workshops (“Superhero Intensives”).

Superhero Training: Online Group Health Coaching Workshops

You enjoy learning in a group setting.

You prefer a set schedule for a 3-month period that all participants follow.

You enjoy using or are willing to learn to use collaborative tools such as Zoom for our online workshops.

Superhero Intensives: Online 1:1 Health Coaching Workshops

You learn best working one on one with your coach.

You prefer a customized schedule for a 3-month period.

You enjoy using or are willing to learn to use collaborative tools such as Zoom for our private workshops.

What’s Included in our Signature Program?

Both formats:

6 workshops, 2 hours/workshop

6 Implementation Weeks: These are the weeks between workshops where you apply what you’ve learned! You’ll have a 1-hour coaching session with Demi Dee during each Implementation Week to focus on implementation strategies.


Superhero Training format only:

Implementation Week Office Hours: Drop-in sessions where you can meet other participants who ask Demi Dee questions in a group setting.

TKR Facebook Group for all current participants.

What's the Program Schedule?

Workshop topics are subject to change to suit each program cohort.

Week 1: Session 1 – Introduction to Your Superhero Identity (includes Home Makeover)

Week 2: Implementation Week

Week 3: Session 2 – Superhero Nutrition Basics (Part 1)

Week 4: Implementation Week

Week 5: Session 3 – Superhero Nutrition Basics (Part 2)

Week 6: Implementation Week

Week 7: Session 4 – Superhero Wellness Basics

Week 8: Implementation Week

Week 9: Session 5 – Superhero Fitness Basics

Week 10: Implementation Week

Week 11: Session 6 – Maintaining Your Superhero Lifestyle

Week 12: Implementation Week

Why Should You Join

Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

You’ve been working from home for months and you’re looking for strategies to improve your lifestyle with your tween daughter(s). You’re short on time and you need strategies that work!

You’ve been buying food in bulk because of the current pandemic travel/movement restrictions and your family is eating more junk food than usual and exercising less. You’re looking for a roadmap to get back on track.

You’re feeling a deep concern for the wellbeing of your tween daughter(s) because of the lack of fresh air and social connection due to pandemic restrictions. You’re looking for strategies to implement at home to address these issues.

Your tween daughter is struggling with self-esteem and body issues and you’re looking for solutions to address these issues.

You have your own self-esteem issues and fear that your tween daughter is following in your footsteps. You’re looking for guidance and solutions.

You’re feeling a deep sense of shame that you have not been able to solve the self-esteem and body image issues that your tween daughter is facing. You are looking for community support and guidance.

You’re feeling inadequate, unsupported, and stressed. You want to feel vibrant, emotionally energized and healthy to set an amazing example for your tween daughter(s).

You’re bombarded and overwhelmed by the conflicting health and wellness information on the Internet. You want a roadmap to living a healthy lifestyle.

Your tween daughter enjoys and idolizes superheroes and you feel this would be a creative way to help her learn and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

What’s Our Refund Policy?

We offer a full refund within 14 days of your first workshop.

How Do You Sign Up?

Superhero Training

Online Group Health Coaching Workshops

We will announce the launch date of our group coaching program shortly. To sign up for a FREE 30-min consultation, click the button below.

Superhero Intensives
Online 1:1 Health Coaching Workshops

Participation in the Superhero Intensive format is limited due to its nature. To sign up for a FREE 30-min consultation, click the button below.